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DC Accessories

5-wire Mod-chip

For new model DC console
( the cooling fan inside is black color )

For old model DC console
( the cooling fan inside is silver color )


  • Can be used on Japanese/Asian console, USA console or European console.
  • No more jumper wires needed.
  • This Mod-chip injects the correct country code during the boot sequence, so you are able to play IMPORT GAMES include Japan, USA and Europe titles. This Mod-chip are equipped with the latest codes.
  • Easy to install, just connect 5 wires.

    IMPORTANT!: The intended purpose of this chip is to allow you using your Dreamcast to play imported software that you legally own, as is allowed by law. We accept no responsibility for the use of this device to play JAPAN/USA/EUROPE imports titles you do not own. Using this Mod-chip to modify your console will void your warranty.

Installation :

Use wires to connect the mod-chip to the above 5 color-points.


This product is not endorsed or sponsored by Sega.
This is not an official Dreamcast product.


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